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Business opportunities at South Coast of Mombasa

Diani, Kenya

South Coast of Mombasa is among Kenya’s top economic hub.  Kenyan government and international economic advisers are keen to ensure that Kenyans and investors are able to tap on the wealth of this region. As we may be aware, the most expensive infrastructures in the Eastern region of Africa are being developed at the Kenyan […]

Why Pazurina Diani Beach Golf City?

Buy Beach Property Kenya Pazurina Golf City

Key Highlights Voted one of Africa’s best Beaches Modern transport connectivity Kenya’s Most preferred tourist destination Ideal location for Airbnb Home to the greatest water sport destination in East Africa 7 minutes walk to Diani Beach 10 minutes’ drive from Ukunda Town 10 minutes’ drive to Diani Airstrip Pazurina Golf City stretches along Chale Road […]

Why invest in Diani

Diani phase 1

Diani Beach has been voted the best in Africa for the last 6 years by World Travel Award.

Diani hosts some of the most Luxurious 5 Star Resorts.

Our Land is 10 minutes’ walk to the beach

The area is fully developed, with electricity and a tarmac road.

Availability of cheap building materials and labour

Galu Project

beach plots for sale in diani

Our project at Galu area is named “Diani Beach Suburbs” The project is 600m from the ocean. It neighbors Kalister Beach Hotel. It is 4 km from Neptune hotel as you proceed to Chale island. The project sits on a 100 acre piece of land. It is subdivided into 3 zones. Zone A is for […]

Diani Beach Golf City

Pazurina Holiday Homes

In the best rated Africa beach and the hub of Kenya’s Tourism, Pazurina Holdings brings to you- Diani Beach Golf City. Diani Beach Golf City is a well-designed city with a mini Golf Course fit for world Golf Championships with a 5-star Golf Club and VIP lounge. Accessing Diani will be made easy by the […]

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