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Diani Beach Golf City

Pazurina Holiday Homes

In the best rated Africa beach and the hub of Kenya’s Tourism, Pazurina Holdings brings to you- Diani Beach Golf City.

Diani Beach Golf City is a well-designed city with a mini Golf Course fit for world Golf Championships with a 5-star Golf Club and VIP lounge.

Accessing Diani will be made easy by the completion of Dongo Kundu Bypass that will shorten the time from Mombasa SGR station to only 45mins.

On the other side the government has plans to expand Diani Airport to International status and this will attract direct flights for international tourist and golfers.

Phase 1

Development work in progress includes: ground work, swimming pool, Borehole(already done), fencing.

What to know about Diani.

  1. Diani beach has been rated best in Africa for the last 3 years . It is 11th in the World
  2. Dongo Kundu highway is almost completed. It will connect you directly from SGR, Mombasa airport, Mombasa road to Diani. Then it will be 20 minute drive from SGR to Diani
  3. Ukunda airport is being made an international one
  4. Attraction sites like shimoni slave cave, simba hill game reserve
  5. Islands like Chale, Wasini, Funzi neighbors us
  6. Our Estate neighbors are the likes of Kibaki, Matiba, Njenga Karume, Chris Kirubi, Kenyatta family and the like
  7. Diani hosts the best 5 star Resorts like Leopard Resort, Diani Leisure lodge

2nd Phase and 3rd Phase are work in progress.

Why should we invest here and how are the returns?

  1. Our land is 7 minutes walk to the beach
  2. Availability of cheap building materials, cheap labour
  3. The area is fully developed with tarmac road, electricity
  4. One bedroom Cottage earns you on a daily basis between 10k to 35k depending on the season
  5. Easy to run it because customer cook for themselves
  6. Very costly facilities like swimming pool, water already provided on affordable terms
  7. The Villas are marketed under one name and because of numbers, we are able to advertise on TV, Social media, etc


Viewing is on weekends; Fridays, Saturdays. Sundays on special arrangement. We can book flight to Diani and back on your behalf at about 12k. SGR 2k. We will provide one night free accommodation at Diani. Early confirmation is advised.

Clients on a viewing tour.


  1. What plots are still available with price

    1. 1/4 acres are remaining . They go for 3 million KSH reach us on 0712 110 110 to book a plot

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